Broken Heart Spell

Broken Heart Spell

Have you experienced heartbreak? Is trying to pick up the pieces all just too much?

“Fix Your Broken Heart” is intended to take you on an enchanting journey of transformation and cleansing. 

It is time to reassemble and mend the broken pieces of your heart, allowing you to come away with a newfound sense of clarity and inner strength.

By combining ancient wisdom, and the mysticism of the natural world, this could help to restore your heart to a place of balance and harmony. 

As you take part in this magical journey, you will feel your heart become gradually lighter and more whole, until you can finally experience the joy and peace of a heart that is content once more.


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The world of the occult is a mysterious one, we are dealing with a living energy field, not a mechanical soulless universe. 

It’s important to realise this so you frame spellwork in the appropriate way.

While this is a transaction of sorts, it’s not like going to the shop to buy a candy bar. 

How they manifest and how long they take to manifest vary individual by individual.

We encourage open-mindedness, faith and receptivity to maximise the results.

Patience is part of the path… anybody peddling instantaneous results remotely are not true practitioners of The Craft.

Our passion is REAL MAGICK.

We work in the shadows to bring you light. 

Positive transformations in your life energy WILL occur but exact outcomes cannot be guaranteed – you must have faith in the process! If you do not see IMMEDIATE RESULTS, give the spellwork time. 

It is important to understand there is a bigger divine picture at work which is larger than all of us, even us here at Black Cat Coven.


If you are looking for AUTHENTIC SPELL-WEAVERS and the real MASTERS OF THE ARCANE who truly know the secrets of ANCIENT MAGICK… well, your search ends here.

This isn’t a hobby for us, it is our life purpose and divine birthright.

Our coven’s lineage predates 1693 Salem and Our Book of Shadows contains some of the most noteworthy names in history.

Finally, this must be said or myself and my Coven will be driven into the shadows once more…