Cleansing Ritual For Clearing Negative Energy

One of my mentors recently said during an herbalism workshop, “the knowledge keepers are being called.”

And it moved me. It got inside of me and moved things around, shifted my understanding of the world around me, and my place in that world.

What she meant was that much of the old knowledge (specifically of herbalism in this case, but also of magic, and community, and kindness ) has been lost. And now the knowledge keepers, the light seekers, and magic makers are being called to attention. We’re being asked to pick up the mantel and carry this knowledge into the future.

But what does this have to do with clearing negative energy? Everything. What it means is that we have the ability to create new rituals, new magic, but also to rediscover what’s been lost, and uncover what has been buried.

If you’ve been living under a rock—or, for self-preservation reasons, decided to stop watching the news—you might have missed that there is a lot of negative energy moving around in the world right now.

And it’s heavy. It sticks to your bones and weighs you down. Keeps us small. Our energy dark. And so it’s time to create our own rituals for clearing this energy both in our homes, our bodies, and in the world beyond. It’s our job to spread the message and bring this knowledge to light.

There are many ways to perform cleansing rituals. The form you chose it to take is entirely up to you. This is one of our favorites. Put your own spin on it. Clear out some of the negative energy so you can make room for the light.

It’s INCREDIBLY important when you’re doing a ritual or using sacred plants to support that ritual that you are aware of social implications of it. Please don’t use wildcrafted white sage.

Please be cautious of where you buy palo santo. If you already have it, use it, but show gratitude for the tree or plant it came from and the Indigenous peoples that created that ritual before you. You can read more about that in our other article here.

If you’re interested in learning more or if they phrase “pro-donut, non-diet, anti-racist wellness” is appealing check out our inclusive wellness community here.
Burn That Sh*t Up (A Ritual):

What you’ll need –

Cinnamon Stick

Crystal (I prefer Manipura chakra crystals for this one like citrine or sunstone or just standard clear quartz but choose the one that speaks to you)




How to do it –

Before you begin, write down on a piece of paper something you’re ready to release, some negative force in your life that needs to be burned away. Fold it up and put it in front of you.

Light your candle, and from that your cinnamon stick, and trace the lines of your body, over your head, around the arms, down the length of the body with the smoke (you may have to light it a couple of times). Cinnamon is great for burning that sh*t up. It’s spicy and warming, just like we want.

Put your cinnamon stick down in something like an ashtray, on the side of your candle, in an incense burner (*note: please do not burn your house doing this, we don’t need THAT MUCH clearing).

Put your crystal in your hand on your lap. Close your eyes or stare into the flame of the candle and try to slow the mind. Take three deep breaths, breathing into the belly, taking in as much air as you can, and releasing it.

Imagine what it would be like to release this negative energy. Imagine it as a black cloud of smoke rising out from inside your body and up into the air, out past the earth, and into space where it just disappears. Over and over again until it feels real.

Then burn that little piece of paper and be done with it (at least for now). You don’t need it anymore.

If you want to go one step further you can put your new intenion, something you can to bring in, into your crystal and use it as a talisman or reminder of you new vision for the future.

CONGRATS you did it! And now that you know how you can be a knowledge keeper, light seeker, magic maker yourself.

We don’t claim that rituals like this will solve your problems. But they can give you some perspective and some space. It will help you see the negative impact that energy has had in and on your body and it will give you permission to process it.

Let us know how it goes! What ritual do you use to keep your energy clear?