Gay & Lesbian Love Charms

Gay & Lesbian Love Charms

GAY SEX MAGNET. Attract Desirable hot same sex Lovers, Keep Him Faithful.

Get Him Back. Enjoy More Sex Encounters. Remote casting Thank you for visiting my spell listing for enhancing your sex appeal to the same sex.

This spell can be tailored to your situation and desires. If you feel you need to attract others to you, or perhaps a single person this will help. 

Or perhaps you need a boost in your sex life with existing partner.

This is a powerful sex spell to attract same sex partners, BECOME A HOT GAY SEX MAGNET, bring passion or rekindle a relationship. 

I have been practicing wizardry for the last 10 years I have a strong capability to manifest my clients desires by projecting my consciousness into the events and things I choose to experience.

This is done through belief, focusing and outflowing emotions. You need to be 100% sure you want this spell to be cast because it is very effective The spell I use for you to come a sexual magnet is a specialized type of magic used to attract sexual attention.

The origin of this spell dates back to Ancient Egypt, with cuneiform tablets – an incredibly old-time system of writing – depicting erotic rituals.

I will cast the very powerful spell to enhance your sex appeal to others and make you feel and look extremely sexier to increase your passionate love making and success in receiving a suitable sexual partner who is attracted by the natural pheromones signals you send out After the ritual and spell is completed remotely it will manifest its way to you.

I have successfully practiced this spell to clients worldwide in different cultures and countries for a number of different purposes. 

There is no age or gender restriction to this spell and no discrimination to being Straight Gay, Bi, Trans or Poly.

My rituals are PURE POSITIVE ENERGY using the World’s most famous and POWERFUL Laws of Attraction. 

All I ask is you are accepting and open to receive the energies, any negative thoughts can block the spell.

I carry out white magic only, which uses the power of positive energy; there is nothing in the spell to cause harm to anyone. 

This spell has been completed by me 100s of times including a lot of famous and successful client who have used this spell.

It is a very popular request with a high success rate. It is very important to keep a positive mindset when requesting this spell to ensure effectiveness. 

It is equally as important to be open because after the spell is cast love will begin to manifest itself in many different ways where signs should be for the taking.

Expect to prepare for extreme and fast results. Upon purchasing this spell I shall need you to message me in the personalisation field your full name, date of birth, a description of your desires and if you can a picture (this is not compulsory for the spell to work, it just helps) I will complete your spell within 72 hours after purchase. 

Keep in mind that time frame to see results can vary for each individual.

I cast the entire spell for you with candle burning. 

Nothing is shipped or mailed to you. I supply all materials so there is nothing else for you to buy.

I infuse candles with a secret potion, and then I chant to cast the spell and drive the energy using the law of the universe. **** For entertainment purposes only **** **All readings, candle burning and energy works are provided for entertainment purposes only.

 These spells cast are not intended to substitute advice or help from legal or medical professions.

No legal or medical advice is given in my cast. You must be over the age of 18. I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a reading purchase if the reading request is outside of my ethical boundaries. 

I also reserve the right to limit the number of follow-up contacts after a reading. I do not issue refunds once I have answered your questions.

I do not issue partial refunds once I’ve answered some of these questions. I look forwards to casting a spell to enhance your gay sexual attraction.

Please proceed to the checkout and I will promptly update you once the spell has been cast 🙂 Any questions feel free to reach out.

Yes, you will need someone specific if you want to do some love binding. There are items that you need from the person that will make the spell become effective. 

If you do not have these items, then the spell may not work. This means that this spell will only become effective if you already have a previous bond with the person.

If the person does not know that you exist and you do not have access to the person’s things, it will be impossible to complete the spell. 

WHO CAN CAST GAY LOVE SPELLS? A lot of people in the world wish that they can cast same-sex spells whenever they can but they are scared of the judgment that they will get from other people.

You can check if the area where you live still has strict rules about same-sex relationships so that you will know where to go from there. 

Some try casting a same-sex love spell because they want to make their hearts stronger.

They need to have the courage to accept that they feel that way even though society does not accept this 100%. 

Using the right spell can help people come out of their shells and recognize their true feelings especially if they have been trying hard to not accept them.

Some people choose to have a no-contact relationship with people who cannot accept them for who they are.

They realize that they can find other people whom they can consider as family elsewhere especially if they are allowed to be themselves and live their best lives.

It is not true that your sexual preference will get in the way of the type of life that you want to live. 

You can still achieve great things in life in spite of wanting to love someone of the same sex. It’s just up to you how you are going to decide to get the life that you deserve.